It turns out Mini had more up its sleeve for this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show than just the Electric Concept we showed you last week.
It’s unwrapping another concept, one that looks suspiciously production-ready.
It’s called the John Cooper Works GP Concept, and it has me all hot and bothered.
It’s meant to be a pure expression of Mini-flavored driving fun. Or, as head of BMW Group design Adrian van Hooydonk says, “[what] we’re looking at here is maximum performance, maximum Mini.”
Who’s this John Cooper then?
Alec Issigonis was the designer responsible for the original mini.

But would it have been quite the success it was without the influence of another engineer named John Cooper? He was a successful builder of racing cars in the 1950s and the man to realize that smaller, lighter, mid-engined cars were more than a match for the big front-engined competition in Formula 1 and at Indianapolis. When BMC wanted to polish its then-new Mini with a racing halo, it was to Cooper that it reached out.
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