Enlarge / Mmmmm, plastic-y. (credit: Getty | Cate Gillon)
Tiny bits of plastic commonly come rushing out of water taps around the world, according to a new survey of 159 water samples collected from more than a dozen nations.
Overall, 83 percent of the 159 samples contained some amount of microplastics.

Those samples came from various places in the US, Europe, Indonesia, Uganda, Beirut, India, and Ecuador. No country was without a plastic-positive water sample.
In fact, after testing a handful of samples from each place, the lowest contamination rate was 72 percent.

The highest—found in the US—was 94-percent positive rate.
The microplastic pieces found are tiny, as small as 2.5 micrometers in size.

The amounts were tiny, too. When researchers looked at the average number of plastic bits per 500mL water sample in each nation, the highest average was from US water samples—with 4.8 plastic scraps per sample.

A sample taken from the US Capitol had 16 plastic fragments in it, for instance.

The lowest average was 1.9 microplastic shards per 500mL sample, seen in those from Indonesia and Europe.
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