Enlarge / These Miis look remarkably happy about the destruction of their gathering place…
On November 7, another piece of Nintendo’s short online history will go away forever.

That’s when Miiverse, the artwork and message sharing service embedded into many Wii U games, will be shutting down because, as Nintendo puts it, “among other reasons, many users are shifting to social networking services.” While users can request an archive of their own Miiverse posts and drawings, the millions of memes, bad jokes, incisive game criticism, and more currently hosted on Miiverse will be removed from Nintendo’s public servers in a few months (some features of certain Wii U games will also be impacted, as detailed in this FAQ).
That massive purge of player-created data wasn’t acceptable to professional Web developer Tim Miller.
Shortly after Nintendo announced the Miiverse shutdown last week, Miller started up an effort to permanently archive the network’s public contents, complete with a GitHub page and the support of the Web preservationists at Archive Team.
“Any time a social network goes down, we lose a ton of data,” Miller told Ars in an IRC chat. “Part of history, our culture, is lost.
In Miiverse, especially in the art section, you can see people really investing a lot of their time and energy in it.

And being able to save that for others to see and experience is extremely important.
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