Poor BMW.
It had planned to take the covers off its new mega-SUV, the X7 Concept, at the Frankfurt Auto Show.
Instead of carefully stage-managing the introduction what was bound to be a controversial-looking new model, someone leaked them to Bimmerpost a few days early.

The X7 is another nail in the coffin of the luxury sedan, and more proof that the public wants ride height and a hatchback more than they want low centers of gravity or elegant proportions.
Because of its trademark kidney grill, BMW’s cars always suffer from pareidolia. We can’t help it, those grills look like nostrils and our brains convert the rest into faces.

And the X7 has a pretty massive pair of nostrils on it. You can appreciate BMW’s dilemma: a car that large is going to have a lot of front acreage to dress.

But the current 7 Series is probably already pushing the limits in that regard, and we just can’t stop seeing some kind of evil Pixar character with this one.

Don’t be surprised if the production car gets some rhinoplasty before going on sale.
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