Enlarge / Teams looks good, but it’s unfortunate that its chat is quite bulky in a vertical direction. (credit: Microsoft)
Teams, Microsoft’s Slack-like, IRC-like, collaboration tool, picked up an important new feature today: guest access. While making the announcement, Redmond also revealed that in the six months since launch, the product has grown to be used by over 125,000 organizations each month.
We asked about how many individual users there were, but Microsoft said it had nothing to share on that front.
When it debuted, Teams had a big flaw when compared to Slack—it was only for Office 365 users.

Each organization’s Teams chatrooms could only be accessed by people who were part of the organization, essentially individuals with an account in the organization’s Active Directory.

This left these chats off limits to, for example, contract workers—people outside the organization who were nonetheless collaborating on projects.
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