Microsoft Azure’s mix of platform and infrastructure tools make it an interesting destination for enterprise developers, with the option of mixing development models.

The ability to mix resources to take advantage of what works for your application can speed up development, support cloud migrations, and hande hybrid on- and off-premises designs.

Azure’s PaaS tools can provide rapid scaling for front ends, while more complex back-end systems run on virtual machines or in containers.With Azure, much of that PaaS front end is handled by Azure App Service, a bundle of tools and services that support mobile, web, and API integrations.
It’s a quick way of building cloud-native applications, with integration points for other Azure services, supporting most common cloud design patterns. You’re not limited to one front-end technology, either: You can mix approaches, providing views that work with mobile, web, and desktop applications.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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