Enlarge / Revamped App Switcher on the iPad with iOS 11.
CUPERTINO, Calif.—At WWDC, Apple showed off features and cool tricks coming to iPhone and iPad in iOS 11.

At today’s event on its new campus, the company announced iOS 11 will be out of beta and available to the public on September 19.
iOS 11 won’t fundamentally change the look and feel of your iPhone, but it does offer some exciting updates. One of the most useful new features is the Files app, which organizes all of the files on your iPhone as well as files stored in other locations such as iCloud and Dropbox.
It almost mimics the Finder window on macOS, and that offers a convenient new way to store, organize, and access all the information on your handset.

Developers have access to the Files app, too, so individual apps will show up in the Files app as their own folders, making it easier to move documents in between programs.

The Control Center also has a new look in iOS 11 with new bubble-like icons that you can move around and customize. Much like you can do with Widgets, you’ll be able to choose the tools you want to have in the Control Center.
Since the Control Center can take up the entire display, you’re not as restricted in the number of tools you include either. Many features will be accessible via 3D Touch in the Control Center as well.
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