In-memory computing (IMC) technologies have been available for years. However, until recently, the cost of memory made IMC impractical for all but the most performance-critical, high value applications.Over the last few years, however, with memory prices falling and demand for high performance increasing in just about every area of computing, I’ve watched IMC discussions go from causing glazed eyes to generating mild interest, to eliciting genuine excitement: “Please! I need to understand how this technology can help me!”Why all the excitement? Because companies that understand the technology also understand that if they don’t incorporate it into their architectures, they won’t be able to deliver the applications and the performance their customers demand today and will need tomorrow.
In-memory data grids and in-memory databases, both key elements of an in-memory computing platform, have gained recognition and mindshare as more and more companies have deployed them successfully.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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