In this final segment of our ongoing series about right-sizing public cloud instances for optimal performance and cost efficiency, we are focusing on a common source of cloud overspending: deadwood.Idle or “zombie” instances plague many public cloud environments, insidiously wasting your opex budget dollars.

This deadwood can occur without you even realizing it, and is often the result of hasty deployments or a lack of accountability in the cloud world.
Someone in the organization lights up an instance for a short-term use and then forgets to shut it down. Workloads change over time and no one goes back to eliminate the now idle instances.

The fact is, most organizations don’t have an effective process for managing cloud instances and identifying idle instances.

Given the complexity of invoicing from these providers and the lack of visibility into workload patterns, it is often hard to really know what is truly idle. Over time, the deadwood piles up.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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