Longtime Comcast customer Drew Weaver was surprised in mid-May of this year when he got an automated call notifying him that he’d gone over his 1TB monthly data cap.

First of all, Comcast alleged that he’d exceeded the data cap two months in a row, and Weaver says he never got a notification about the first overage. Moreover, Weaver just didn’t believe that he’d used more than 1TB of data.
But after a weeks-long, tedious process of troubleshooting with Comcast, the company insisted that its data meter was accurate.

Comcast agents also repeatedly urged Weaver to pay an extra $50 a month to upgrade to an unlimited data plan or risk paying a $10 overage fee for each additional 50GB, up to a maximum of $200 in extra fees each month.

According to Comcast, Weaver had used up his “courtesy months” in which a customer is allowed to exceed the data cap without penalty and would have to pay overage charges going forward unless he limited his usage or bought unlimited data.
Weaver could afford the additional payments—but out of principle, he decided not to give Comcast the extra money.

And so he ended his nearly 14 years of being a Comcast customer.
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