I recently worked on a content project for Alooma, an ETL and data pipeline service on the cloud.

ETL is “extract, transform, load,” a time-tested process for loading mission-critical events into a central data store, while making sure that the data is correct.A new take on ETL
Alooma and its competitors like XPlenty and Stitch Data have a new take on ETL.

They promise to move huge volumes of data into data warehouses or other data stores effortlessly, with all the integration and data plumbing taken care of as a managed service.If you ask them, you do not need an ETL tool or an ETL process, per se, anymore, because the managed data pipeline comes with its own industrial-strength ETL capabilities which are much easier to use than the ETL tools of old.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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