The good news for software engineering students is that the job prospects have never been better.

Today, every company is a software company, no matter the industry or what it sells, so demand for your skills remain high.But in addition to keeping up-to-date with an always changing technology industry, there’s a new type of intelligence that today’s students need to succeed—the artificial type.Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, chatbots.

These are not only some of the hot new areas of software development, but they’re also the future of the industry. Now that we can train software to perform tasks that previously required human intelligence—like recognizing patterns, speech and images—companies can predict outcomes, provide better customer service, or gain greater insights.

The value of AI can’t be overstated and it’s being used everywhere, from providing personalized customer advice to banking customers and predicting potential product defects, to increasing airport safety and identifying potential cancer treatments.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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