Enlarge / Gab insists that its frog mascot is not related to Pepe, the cartoon frog that has been adopted as a mascot for the alt-right. (credit: Yamanaka Tamaki)
It’s not easy to host extremist right-wing content on the modern Internet.

Gab, a small Twitter rival that bills itself as a bastion of free speech, has received word from its Australian domain registrar that it has five days to find a new registrar, or its domain will be canceled.
The story begins last month, when the neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer got a similar message from its domain registrar, GoDaddy.

The editor of the Daily Stormer had written an article mocking Heather Heyer, who died in protest-related violence in Charlottesville.

The Daily Stormer wound up losing its domain name, and two key people associated with the site—editor Andrew Anglin and webmaster Andrew Auernheimer—switched to Gab as their primary way of communicating with the public.
Hosting Anglin and Aurenheimer—as well as other right-wing figures like Internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos—has created headaches for Gab.

Days after Anglin became active on Gab, Google kicked Gab out of the Android app store, citing its lax moderation policies.
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