Enlarge / San Diego Comic-Con prepares for IP “genericide” warfare. (credit: Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)
The future survival of the trademarked term “Comic-Con” is at stake.
The trademark is facing its potential doom because of the legal fallout from the producers of the San Diego Comic-Con flexing their IP muscles.

They sued a competing “Comic-Con” convention for using the unhyphenated form of their trademarked term “Comic-Con” without paying them licensing fees.

But their suit has raised questions about the legitimacy of the trademark—in particular whether the trademark has become too generic, and hence a a victim to its own pop-culture popularity.
The San Diego Comic Convention, the producers of the San Diego Comic-Con event, launched a legal battle against the producers of Salt Lake Comic Con.

Both conventions are drool-worthy for fans of comic books and other areas of geek culture.

The lawsuit claims the Salt Lake venue is capitalizing on the goodwill of the Comic-Con brand to mislead and confuse consumers into believing that the Utah venue is tied to the original Comic-Con venture.
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