Enlarge / A new startup aims to make lidars, like the two shown here, obsolete. (credit: Wired)
Silicon Valley is crawling with startups looking for a piece of the emerging self-driving car business. One of those startups, Aeva, just came out of stealth mode with a big write-up in The New York Times. Its breakthrough: building a single sensor that can determine both the position and velocity of surrounding objects.
Most experts say that the best self-driving cars need a trifecta of sensors: cameras, lidar, and radar.

They need all three sensor types because each performs a different function.

Cameras can tell you what objects look like but not how far away they are or how fast they’re moving. Lidar measures distance, while radar provides a precise estimate of velocity.
According to the Times, Aeva’s sensor provides information about both position and velocity:
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