Enlarge (credit: Hoonigan Racing/Ron Zaras)
That man Ken Block has another Gymkhana video out today.

This time, instead of drifting his way through a city or abandoned factory, he’s upped the stakes. You see, Mr.

Block took his Ford Mustang up to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Yes, that Pikes Peak, the one that runs up the side of a mountain, much of it above the tree line, with few guardrails and thousand-foot drops off the side.
It’s called Climbkhana:

Many Toyo tires gave up their lives to bring you this video.

You will recognize Block’s 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR from few years ago when he released his Gymkhana Seven video.

Back then, his Mustang was powered by a “nonsensical” 845hp (630kW) naturally aspirated 6.7L V8.

But last year, the Hoonicorn got an upgrade. Now it sports a pair of turbochargers too large to be contained by the hood, and it uses methanol as a fuel.

The result is 1,400hp (1044kW)—presumably at sea level, anyway.
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