Enlarge / Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. (credit: George Grinsted)
The new CEO of Uber says he’s sorry for “mistakes” the company has made—mistakes that could lead to the company losing its license to operate in London. London’s taxi regulator, Transport for London, announced Friday that Uber’s license would not be renewed.
“While Uber has revolutionized the way people move in cities around the world, it’s equally true that we’ve got things wrong along the way,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote. “On behalf of everyone at Uber globally, I apologize for the mistakes we’ve made.”
Uber’s license expires at the end of the month, but Transport for London said Uber had 21 days to appeal the decision and can continue operating while the appeal was being heard.

The agency faulted Uber for its poor record of reporting serious crimes involving Uber drivers to the police. It also objected to Uber’s handling of driver background checks and said Uber had not adequately explained whether it used software called “Greyball” to mislead British regulators they way the company had misled some Americans.
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