Sitrep #2: Facing down North Korea’s ballistic missile threat. (video link)
After suffering yet another round of sanctions, as well as a provocative UN speech and further sanctions from President Donald Trump, North Korea’s leaders have hinted that more ballistic missile and nuclear weapons tests are to come—including a possible atmospheric nuclear test launched on a ballistic missile.
Given the other antics that North Korea has apparently engaged in—including  fake text and social media messages to US Defense Department civilians in South Korea ordering an evacuation of non-combat personnel—making a judgment call on what North Korea may or may not do in the short term is very difficult.

But the North Korean military has performed 15 ballistic missile tests this year, including at least two intermediate range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) and one potential intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Combined with North Korea’s recent test of what appears to have been a thermonuclear bomb, the new long-range missiles raise the stakes for the US military’s ballistic missile defense capabilities.
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