Enlarge / Say hello to an actual, honest to goodness Ataribox. Or, at least, a prototype.

But, hey, at least it’s not just a 3D render. (credit: Atari)
The trademark and license borg that currently calls itself Atari continues to push ahead with an “Ataribox” project, and, after being teased in July, the device has begun to take shape.

Fans and press alike may have expected a low-priced, retro-gaming living room device—since they’re all the rage and since this thing looks like a tiny, restyled Atari 2600—but Tuesday’s news suggests something a little more ambitious.
The spec sheet, as announced, is still pretty vague, but Atari has confirmed a few notable things, starting with a price point between $250 and $300.
In exchange for costing roughly as much as a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, or PlayStation 4, the Ataribox will come packed with an “AMD customized processor with Radeon graphics technology.” Additionally, this will not be an Android system.
Instead, the Ataribox will run Linux “with a customized, easy-to-use user interface.”
Ataribox aims high with $250-300 price point, Linux core, custom AMD chip

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