Enlarge / It’s amazing what a few decades of miniaturization (and yellowing) can do.
Doing a full review of a piece of hardware like the Super NES Classic Edition is kind of an odd concept.

The $80 system itself is really just a vessel to transmit a handful of well-remembered classic games from Nintendo’s glorious 16-bit console past.

To do that job adequately, all the system has to do is produce a more-or-less accurate emulation of the decades-old Super NES hardware (it does) with graphics that look properly scaled on an HDTV (they are) and two included controllers that have a responsive and authentic feel (they do).
Beyond that, any review of the Super NES Classic is just re-evaluating a bunch of decades-old games to see if they stand the test of time (and the newly released Star Fox 2, which we’ll review in more detail later in the week).

And while we’d love to see a few more obscure cult classics on the list of included titles (Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Tetris Attack, Ogre Battle, etc. etc.), it’s hard to find fault with the selection of 20 varied and well-remembered games Nintendo has put together here.
Rather than belabor those basic and unremarkable points, we’ve put together the following selection of lesser-known facts and observations about the system gleaned from a weekend of nostalgic play.

Consider this our attempt to provide you with everything you need to know (and some things you probably don’t) about the Super NES Classic Edition before you go out hunting for the hardware that goes on sale this weekend.
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