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Earlier this year we wrote about Project Quantum, Mozilla’s work to modernize Firefox and rebuild it to handle the needs of the modern Web.
Today, that work takes a big step towards the mainstream with the release of the new Firefox 57 developer edition.

The old Firefox developer edition was based on the alpha-quality Aurora channel, which was two versions ahead of the stable version.
In April, Mozilla scrapped the Aurora channel, and the developer edition moved to being based on the beta channel.

The developer edition is used by a few hundred thousand users each month and is for the most part identical to the beta, except it has a different theme by default—a dark theme instead of the normal light one—and changes a few default settings in ways that developers tend to prefer.
That theme is a good place to start.

The new user interface, named Photon, brings with it square tabs and a much more conventional main menu.

The current curvy tabs were met with outrage on their introduction in 2014, so the reversion to square tabs will, frankly, probably be met with outrage, but the look is clean and precise.

There’s also a new new tab page that adds recommended stories to the usual list of your most-visited sites.
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