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Amid air raids, it’s wise to “keep calm and carry on.” When ablaze, certainly “stop, drop, and roll.” And in the case of a stabbing or shooting, it may be best to “scoop and run.” At least, that’s the takeaway from a new study in JAMA Surgery.
A mad dash to the hospital in a private ride—the scoop and run—may be better for survival than waiting for emergency responders, Johns Hopkins researchers report.
In fact, stabbing and gunshot victims who caught their own lift to the hospital were 62 percent less likely to die than those who called for an ambulance.
The finding fits with the obvious fact that time is vital to trauma victims.

But slicing deeper, it suggests that for those with such “penetrating injuries,” sophisticated prehospital interventions are of limited value.
It may just be all about timing.

Thus, healthcare systems may better serve their communities by adopting “scoop and run” over “stay and stabilize”-type policies for these trauma patients.
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