Enlarge / Behold the glory that is Mondo’s The Thing board game: Infection in Outpost 31. (credit: Nathan Mattise)
AUSTIN, Texas—”Look, I think that guy’s pretty inhuman,” I found myself pleading to a Mondo rep. “But I picked you as captain, which is totally a human move.”
I wasn’t begging for early access to some figurine or poster sale from the impeccably designed film collectibles company.
I wasn’t engaged in some intense round of promotional dodgeball.
Instead, as I sat with seven other interested board gamers for a special preview of Mondo’s first boardgame release, The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, I got swept up.
I wanted only humans to make it onto the escape helicopter, dammit.
And judging by the 45-minutes-or-so I spent navigating possibly Thing-infested rooms and begging for Petri dishes, I’m pretty confident others will feel the same once they can play this game in late October.
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