Enlarge / Defense Distributed’s Ghost Gunner machine has learned some new tricks (as evidenced here by this 19-11). (credit: Cody Wilson / Defense Distributed)
Three years ago, Cody Wilson and his organization, Defense Distributed, released a $1,200 computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) mill called the Ghost Gunner.

The machine essentially made home gunsmithing faster, cheaper, and more portable than ever before, but it had a limited scope (no pun intended).
Initially, the Ghost Gunner only aimed (OK, maybe some pun intended) to complete unfinished lower receivers for AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.
Today, that scope widens: Wilson and Defense Distributed are now in the handgun business, too.
Defense Distributed will offer two of the most common handgun “80 percent” receivers—for Glocks and single-stack M1911s—for interested customers to complete using the Ghost Gunner. “What we’ve done for ARs we’re going to do for handguns now,” Wilson tells Ars.

Defense Distributed’s store now carries new fixtures, frames, and tooling to create these two handguns, in addition to its previously offered AR-15 lower receivers and jig sets.
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