Enlarge / Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload, seen here on Monday, Sept. 15, 2014. (credit: Brendon O’Hagan/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Kim Dotcom’s civil forfeiture case will not be heard before the Supreme Court this term, America’s highest court ruled on Monday.
The civil forfeiture case was brought 18 months after 2012 American criminal charges related to alleged copyright infringement against Dotcom and his now-shuttered company, Megaupload.
In the forfeiture case, prosecutors specifically outlined why the New Zealand seizure of Dotcom’s assets on behalf of the American government was valid.
Seized items include millions of dollars in various seized bank accounts in Hong Kong and New Zealand, multiple cars, four jet skis, the Dotcom mansion, several luxury cars, two 108-inch TVs, three 82-inch TVs, a $10,000 watch, and a photograph by Olaf Mueller worth over $100,000.
Since Dotcom was arrested in January 2012, he has successfully resisted extradition to the United States and remains in New Zealand free on bail.
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