Enlarge / A disputed T-Mobile advertising claim. (credit: T-Mobile USA)
T-Mobile USA has agreed to stop claiming its 4G LTE network is faster than Verizon Wireless’, after the advertising industry’s self-regulation body agreed with Verizon that T-Mobile’s claim was unsupported.
The National Advertising Division (NAD) “recommended T-Mobile discontinue claims that it has the fastest 4G LTE network” and “also recommended that T-Mobile discontinue claims that its LTE network is ‘newer’ than Verizon’s and that Verizon’s LTE network is ‘older,'” the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council said in an announcement Thursday.
T-Mobile agreed to comply with the NAD’s recommendations, the announcement said.

The ruling and T-Mobile’s agreement to stop the disputed claims came after Verizon filed a challenge with the industry body.

The self-regulatory system helps advertisers settle disputes without lawsuits and avoid stricter government regulation.
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