Enlarge / Former Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski, at right, at a transportation conference in 2016. (credit: John Sommers II for Transport Topics)
A report that has long been fought over by lawyers at Waymo and Uber has been made public. Levandowski’s lawyers fought to keep the Stroz Friedberg “due diligence” report on Uber acquiring his startup secret, but it was ultimately acquired by Waymo attorneys, who filed it as an exhibit late yesterday.
Acquiring the report could be a turning point in the Waymo v. Uber lawsuit, which was filed in February. Waymo accused the head of Uber’s self-driving car project, an ex-Googler named Anthony Levandowski, of stealing 14,000 files just before he left Google. Levandowski, who is not a defendant in the lawsuit, has pleaded the Fifth Amendment rather than answer questions about the allegations. Uber doesn’t deny that the downloads took place but says none of the alleged trade secrets ever made it to its servers.
A jury trial is scheduled to begin on October 10, although Waymo has asked for a delay, due to the overwhelming amount of information it has acquired in recent discovery.
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