We’ve been fans of HP’s sleek Spectre 13 conventional laptop and x360 convertible laptop for a while now.

Both systems received a refresh on Wednesday to add Intel’s so-called 8th-generation processors, which is to say, quad-core versions of the Kaby Lake processors that they used to have, and HP has taken the opportunity to further refine the devices.
The Spectre 13 has the biggest changes.

The previous version of the ultra-slim laptop—it’s just 10.4mm/0.41 inches thick—lacked both a touchscreen and 4K display option, as HP couldn’t fit them into the tiny form factor. Not so with the new version; it’s just as thin, but it now comes with touchscreens as standard and a choice between a 1920×1080 screen and a 3840×2160 screen.
It also boasts a new finish, called “Ceramic White,” which is rather beautiful.
It’s a matte finish that feels warm to the touch (even on the parts of the system that are metal rather than carbon fiber), with accents in a pale gold that actually manage to look dignified rather than gauche.

The system also comes in HP’s dark gray and copper scheme, plus the plain old silver.

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