Enlarge / This image, taken from Nashoba’s site, doesn’t resemble the loveless scene reported by the FDA this week. (credit: Nashoba)
The Food and Drug Administration showed no fondness to a bakery that listed love as an ingredient on its granola label. Love is not an ingredient, according to the agency.
Dozens of news headlines appeared today and late yesterday reporting the fact, citing a warning letter released yesterday that the agency sent late last month to the Massachusetts bakery, Nashoba Brook Bakery, LLC.
The media seemed to savor the ostensibly heartless move by the stony federal agency.

Chuckles aside, the FDA’s quibble over the ingredient list is a minor point in the letter.

The rest of the warning lays out a disturbing and extensive list of sanitation violations by Nashoba.

Together the violations paint a picture of a filthy, neglected facility—not a place where one could imagine things are lovingly baked.
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