Enlarge / High Sierra’s default desktop wallpaper. (credit: Apple)
Mac users who have upgraded their SSD-equipped Macs to High Sierra are reporting compatibility problems with some widely used professional apps and some games.
While APFS is not currently supported on Fusion Drives, built-in flash drives in current Mac hardware are automatically converted to APFS from the old HFS+ file system when High Sierra is installed. Macs have been using HFS+ for more than 20 years, so the move to APFS is a monumental change.

APFS has been in beta testing on Macs for months, and Apple gave it a public debut in iOS 10.3 in July, so it has already had some time out in the wild.

The transition has been generally painless for a lot of users. But professionals should be careful about upgrading to a new OS while we wait for app developers to update their software and for a first major update to High Sierra from Apple.
In one example of compatibility problems, users have run into issues with Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 running on High Sierra Macs with APFS drives.

Adobe has acknowledged the problems to its users, saying, “there is no workaround” but that a solution will come in a future update. New installations of Illustrator may fail, and running a previously installed copy on an APFS drive can lead to all sorts of problems when launching the application or opening files.

There is also a more minor problem with color settings, but there is a workaround for that one.
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