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A few weeks ago, we took a look at some of the ways you can use fans, memory, and cases packed with LEDs to give your PCs some personality. RGB illumination is just scratching the surface of PC customization; the devoted PC builder has custom cooling and high-end paint jobs as key tools in their arsenal.
But not all of us want to build our own PCs, and some of the coolest modifications—like water cooling with hardline pipework and plumbing rather than flexible rubber tubing—are decidedly complex, putting them out of reach to many of us.

Filling this gap are companies like Falcon Northwest, Origin PC, and Maingear.

These companies build hotrod PCs, tailored to the exact design and configuration of your choosing, with high-end water cooling, custom paintwork, and hefty overclocks, while still coming with the reassurances that prebuilt machines offer, like tech support and warranties.
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