Oracle CEO Mark Hurd claims he doesn’t “really worry so much about” Amazon Web Services.

That statement is either profoundly disingenuous or utterly ridiculous. Or perhaps Hurd and Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, who launched this week’s Oracle OpenWorld by fixating on AWS, trying mightily to convince attendees that AWS’s cloud pales in comparison to Oracle’s cloud.You know, the same Oracle cloud that can’t even muster a Top 10 place in Gartner’s list of leading IaaS providers.

For IaaS, Gartner pegs AWS cloud revenues at more than 80X times Oracle’s.

Even in the PaaS market, where Oracle has seen more growth—bumping up from 1.1 percent market share to 2 percent in 2016—it’s still just a tenth the size of AWS, which saw its PaaS share boom from 13.7 percent to 19.8 percent in the same period.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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