With more global digital transformations taking place, at the end of the day customer experience is the most important aspect an enterprise needs to ensure it’s investing in for business growth.

Throughout each touchpoint, enterprises have the responsibility to engage and retain customers, and operating in real time is a key way to be successful.

Things like knowing when a customer submits a support ticket, when there’s an issue with the supply chain or when there’s an available customer discount should all be able to be accomplished in real time, enabling all business functions to coordinate seamlessly, creating “wow” customer experiences.Today, customers expect things to be done instantaneously from a brand, without flaws, so a real time approach is essential. Without one, an enterprise can easily experience complications in terms of engineering, costs, resources, expertise, planning, vendor management, brand reputation, business loss and more.

And most importantly, when enterprises don’t automate any of their processes, it’s inevitable that customers will feel the negative side effects as well.
In such cases, the customer experience is disjointed and lagging, and it puts enterprises in a situation where they could easily lose revenue.

At the same time, a loss of a customer disrupts business growth, inviting competitors and disruptors to challenge them.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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