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Here at Ars, I’ve made no secret of my love for wagons or my regard for the current generation of Chevrolet Corvette. Now, thanks to the clever people at Callaway Cars, it’s possible to get both of those in one carbon-fiber package: the Callaway AeroWagen.

The AeroWagen is the latest product from a company that has been tuning Corvettes—with GM’s blessing and warranty—for the past three decades.

The coolest bit is that the carbon fiber AeroWagen hatch is a straight swap for the stock rear hatch of the current C7 Corvette.

The modification will bump the ‘Vette’s cargo capacity by a couple of cubic feet, but perhaps more importantly, it transforms what was already one of the best-looking front-engined sports cars on the market into that rare automotive beast, the shooting brake.
A 757hp Corvette station wagon? We love the Callaway AeroWagen
Jonathan Gitlin

It is easy to forget just how far American performance cars have come in the past couple of decades.

The latest-generation Corvette is an extremely good sports car, whether you opt for the regular ‘Vette, hotter Grand Sport, or Z06.

And the recently deceased Dodge Viper ACR remains one of the fastest road-legal ways around a race track, up to and including the Green Hell.
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