Update: Earlier this week on October 11, we reviewed the new Google Home Mini—the company’s entry point into its voice-controlled home assistant ecosystem.

After some early users noted the device recording more than it should, Google has officially disabled its center touch point forever (in what seems like a minor disaster).

As such, we’ve added this note to our original review, which otherwise appears unchanged below.

Ron Amadeo

How much can you slice away from a Google Home and have it still be good? That was the question asked of Google’s hardware team when it created the Google Home Mini, a device that slashes the $129 Google Home down to a mere $50.

The result is a smaller, cheaper, simpler device that still has all the Google Assistant smarts of its bigger brother without a speaker system capable of pumping out decent-sounding music.
If you’ve ever wondered if this voice command stuff would work in your house and need a test device, Google is hoping you’ll take a gamble on this cheap little device.
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