Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, might want to take a lesson in creativity from Apple’s lawyers.
The iPhone is beautiful, and we all know that.

But Apple’s response to an App Store antitrust lawsuit brought by consumers may take your breath away.

Cupertino argues that it should not have to face a class-action lawsuit that accuses the iPhone maker of overcharging consumers for iOS apps in the Apple App Store (a monopolistic environment, the suit claims).

The core argument in Apple’s defense is so creative that the Supreme Court on Tuesday asked President Donald Trump’s administration for its views on whether Apple’s position before the Supreme Court is correct.
The antitrust ABCs
But before we get to how Ive is being one-upped on the creativity scale by others on Apple’s payroll, we first must start with a basic understanding of the nuanced legal framework of antitrust law.
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