After busting onto the retro console re-release scene with a high-end, $500+ NES (and a slightly cheaper follow-up), Analogue is now turning its focus to a recreation of the Super NES.

The newly announced Super Nt advertises lag-free 1080p HDMI output and full compatibility with more than 2,200 Super NES and Super Famicom cartridges (and controllers) at a more mass-market-friendly price of $190.
There have been plenty of other “clone” consoles designed to let you play Super NES cartridges on more modern displays, but they all rely on software-based emulation or knock-off chips.

That means they’re not always compatible with every game made for the original Super NES, and such consoles can make some games susceptible to glitchy or inaccurate sound and graphics (absolutely perfect SNES emulation is a surprisingly difficult lift).

The Super Nt, on the other hand, runs off an Altera Cyclone V FPGA, which directly simulates the circuitry found in the original hardware for improved compatibility and accuracy.

The Analogue team says it spent “thousands of hours” engineering the FPGA to be “free of compromises” for 16-bit gameplay.
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