Enlarge / Rest assured, the headlights and fireworks in this image look dramatically different on an HDR-rated display (which we can’t recreate via standard web browsers). (credit: Sony)
As Ars’s resident car guru Jonathan Gitlin tears through the racing nuts and bolts of this week’s new racing video game, Gran Turismo Sport, he has asked me to kill time by reviewing its higher-end elements. Namely, Jon owns neither a PlayStation VR headset nor a 4K HDR display, and both of those are specifically and uniquely supported by the latest Gran Turismo game (and first in the series for the PlayStation 4 Pro).
Basically, he wants to feel better about not buying either of those ridiculous gadgets.
I have good news and bad news for him.
4K/HDR performance: A well-oiled machine
Let’s start with the high-end TV stuff.

This applies specifically to TVs rated for both 4K resolution (a 3840×+2160 pixel count) and HDR-10 color gamut, and you’ll need a PlayStation 4 Pro to capitalize on the combination.

All PlayStation 4 consoles are capable of pushing HDR-10 color, but its effects are far more dramatic with a higher pixel count, and you’ll need a PS4 Pro for that.
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