Availability is part of digital transformation, a friend of mine at Veeam told me about a year ago. “Seriously? Backup and recovery plays a part in your businesses move to a data-driven business?”Let me share a story with you.A couple of weeks ago I was heading off to my local megacineplex to watch a film.
I fired open the app on my phone to find no films were scheduled for that day. Odd.
I tried the website—only to be greeted with the same message.My wife and I decided we’d go to the cinema to see if it had been closed by some sort of zombie apocalypse. No, the cinema was open, but as we entered, we noticed the ticket machines not running, the signs over the screen doors were blank, and the tills unavailable.
It was cash-only, with staff writing out your ticket by hand on the back of till receipts.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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