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A new, potentially virulent wave of data-encrypting malware is sweeping through Eastern Europe and has left a wake of outages at news agencies, train stations, and airports, according to multiple security companies Tuesday.
Bad Rabbit, as the outbreak is being dubbed, is primarily attacking targets in Russia, but it is also infecting computers in Ukraine, Turkey and Germany, researchers from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab said.

The antivirus provider reported that the malware is using hacked Russian media websites to infect devices.
It appears to target corporate networks by using methods similar to those used in a June data-wiping attack dubbed “NotPetya,” which shut down computers around the world.
Russia’s Interfax news agency reported on Twitter that a hacker attack has taken out its servers and forced it to rely on its Facebook account for the time being. Russian forensics firm Group IB said Bad Rabbit has infected two other Russian media outlets besides Interfax.
In nearby Ukraine, computer systems for the Kiev Metro, Odessa airport, and Ukrainian ministries of infrastructure and finance have also been affected, according to a blog post published Tuesday morning by antivirus provider Eset. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian computer emergency agency CERT-UA also posted an advisory on Tuesday morning reporting a series of cyberattacks, without specifically naming the malware used in those attacks.
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