You used to know where you were with BMW.
It made dependable, fun-to-drive sedans, with the occasional foray into GT cars like the 6- and 8 Series.

But then the car buying public went mad, and everyone decided they really wanted a wagon.

But they wouldn’t buy actual wagons, apparently because of the association with Mom’s station wagon from the ’70s.

And they wouldn’t buy hatchbacks either, because those were only for college kids.
So the marketeers took those form factors and jacked them up in the air, adding some styling tweaks meant to suggest the utilitarianism of military surplus.
Because BMW wants to keep selling cars, it joined in on the fun with its range of X vehicles.
SUVs, crossovers, and the increasingly odd Sports Activity Coupes.
It’s to the latter category that its newest vehicle belongs—meet the BMW X2.
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