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According to Bloomberg, Apple is taking a markedly different path with its streaming TV series than the likes of HBO Now or Showtime.

The sources for the report—which include Hollywood producers and other industry insiders who have met with the company in recent months—paint a picture of a very conservative corporation making slow progress.
They say that Apple has expressed a preference for uplifting, family-friendly shows and that they’ve been disinterested in other kinds of pitches—even those from prestigious artists like Gravity‘s Alfonso Cuarón—because they don’t fit that mold.
Carpool Karaoke, based on the segment from CBS’ The Late Late Show with James Corden, was scheduled to premiere on Apple Music in April, but it didn’t.

The series came out in August instead.

The Bloomberg report indicates that the show was delayed because the initial cuts had swearing and “references to vaginal hygiene.”
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