Bloodhound SSC

On Tuesday, what might well be the world’s fastest-ever car completed its first public test at a runway in Newquay, England.

Bloodhound SSC is designed to shatter the existing land speed record, aiming for a top speed of over 1,000 mph (1,600km/h).

Achieving that goal will require more space than is possible on a runway in the UK, but today’s shakedown test saw RAF Wing Commander Andy Green—the current Land Speed Record holder—hit 210mph in just eight seconds.
When Bloodhound SSC travels to South Africa’s Hakskeen Pan to attempt to break the record, it will be powered by an EJ200 jet engine and a Nammo hybrid rocket.

But for today’s test, the vehicle made do with that Rolls Royce ex-Eurofighter engine.

This was also Green’s first opportunity to log some miles in the speed machine.

The runs were livestreamed—scroll forward to the 50-minute mark in the video below to see Bloodhound SSC get its first taste of speed:
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