People are starting get jumpy about the prospect of AI being used to automate everything and anything. Now that AI has proven its ability to squeeze out both blue-collar jobs (through robotics et al.) and white-collar occupations (through natural language generation et al.), cultural sensitivities surrounding this technology are on the upswing.That may explain why we’re starting to see people use near-synonyms and quasi-euphemisms for “automation” when it comes to discussing AI’s impact.
Some observers prefer to use terms such as “operationalize,” “productionize,” “augment,” and “accelerate” when discussing the encroachment of automation into the development of AI-driven applications. We also see a fair bit of discussion around “self-service” tools for building “repeatable workflows” and the like, which certainly sounds like a next logical step to automating that workflow.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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