Enlarge / Web browsing in portrait mode gives you more text on the screen at once than previous iPhones.
Some of us are phone-case people and some of us aren’t.

Those in the latter group who preordered the iPhone X may want to reconsider some kind of protection for their new smartphone because the iPhone X will be quite expensive to repair.

According to Apple’s service pricing support page, it will cost $279 to repair the iPhone X’s screen for customers who don’t have AppleCare+, the company’s extended warranty.

All other damages to the iPhone X that need repairing will cost a whopping $549, over half the price of the new phone’s base model.

These prices apply to three circumstances: if the iPhone X’s screen needs replacing due to “accidental damage or mishandling;” if the screen breaks due to an accident or mishandling and the device is only covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty; and if the screen breaks and is not covered in any way, including original warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+.
The iPhone X’s service prices are significantly higher than those of other iPhone models, all of which are subject to the same three rules.

For example: an iPhone 8 Plus carries a $169 screen-repair fee and a $399 fee for all other damages, and the older iPhone 6s has a $149 screen-repair fee and a $299 fee for all other damages.
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