If two-month-early ticket sales causing delays at sites like Fandango weren’t indication enough, there’s plenty of audience appetite for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi this fall.

Disney evidently knows this, too, and according to The Wall Street Journal, the company is happily using its leverage in unprecedented distribution deals with theaters over the next Star Wars installment.
WSJ reports Disney has crafted agreements through which it will receive roughly 65 percent of ticket sales, “a new benchmark for a Hollywood studio” according to the report. (Average splits range from 40 percent abroad to 55 percent on average in the US to 60 percent for only the largest hits, WSJ writes.) And anonymous theater owners told the paper that Disney’s list of requirements for carrying The Last Jedi are the “most onerous they’ve ever seen.”
Among the asks theaters had to oblige, Disney insisted The Last Jedi must be shown on a participating theater’s largest auditorium for at least four weeks, theaters must sign individually watermarked contracts so official language doesn’t leak, and any marketing must be held until Disney gives theaters the go-ahead.
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