Weird Sony is back, and it recently announced a new version of the Sony Aibo, everyone’s favorite robotic toy dog! Sony has been out of the plastic pooch business for about 11 years, and the 2017 version is well-equipped for the smartphone era with LTE and an app.
Sadly, like seemingly every Aibo ever, the pup is only for sale in Sony’s hometown of Japan, but we can still love it from afar.
The Aibo tries to replicate a real dog and doesn’t do much else.

The new version has 22 axes of motion.

The legs let it walk, shake hands, sit, play with a ball, scratch a digital itch, and do “hundreds” of other dog things.

The tail wags, the ears move, the mouth opens, and the head turns and tilts, making it seem rather expressive in the videos.
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