Ron Amadeo

After the launch of the flagship HTC U11 earlier this year, it’s time for a cheaper entry in HTC’s lineup. HTC’s approach this year is to take the U11, cut the price and premium-ness by about 50 percent, and create the “HTC U11 Life.” It’s a cheap imitation of the U11, for just $349.
From a distance, you can barely tell the difference between the flagship U11 and the U11 Life. You get a similar design with the same ultra-shiny body coloring as the U11, the same massive bezels—which are much more acceptable at this price point—and a few “flagship” features like IP67 dust and water resistance, always-on voice commands, and HTC’s squeezable sides.
So, why is the price so much lower? Of course the answer is that the specs are lower, and you’re getting a cheaper body.
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