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With the launch of every new iPhone comes an accompanying teardown from iFixit uncovering exactly what’s inside of Apple’s latest device. The iPhone X is no exception, as the popular gadget repair site pried open the much-anticipated handset shortly after it went on sale on Friday.
The teardown reveals a phone that’s been overhauled on the inside nearly as much as it has on the outside. The most immediately noticeable quirk is how Apple has laid out the iPhone X’s batteries, which continue to dominate how the rest of the internals are constructed. Namely, the company has planted two cells into the device—a first for any iPhone—in an “L-shaped” configuration.
As iFixit notes, though, Apple seems to have doubled up in order to be flexible with how it could allocate space for the rest of the device’s components, not to explicitly beef up the iPhone X’s overall battery power. The battery capacity here is 2,716mAh, which is slightly larger than the 2,691mAh unit in the iPhone 8 Plus despite the former being about a half-inch shorter. Still, the X’s 5.8-inch display appears to have taken its toll on overall battery life—our iPhone X review found the device to fall well short of the 8 Plus in terms of longevity, albeit it’s still decent on the whole.
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