Enlarge / Kim Dotcom accompanied by his girlfriend Elizabeth-Donnelly appears in New Zealand’s High Court on August 29, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Dotcom and his law team are now challenging the extradition ruling against him. (credit: Dave Rowland/Getty Images)
Kim Dotcom and his ex-wife, Mona Dotcom, have settled an ongoing civil lawsuit filed against the New Zealand Police over the infamous January 2012 “military-style raid” of their Auckland-area mansion, according to Kim Dotcom’s attorney, Ira Rothken.
The California-based lawyer, who posted a two-page statement on his own website Thursday evening, Pacific Time, told Ars that the terms of the settlement were confidential.

The raid was conducted just as American prosecutors unsealed criminal charges in January 2012 against Dotcom and his associates related to alleged copyright infringement against Dotcom and his now-shuttered company, Megaupload.
The Dotcoms had alleged “unreasonable conduct” during the raid, where New Zealand authorities, acting on the orders of American prosecutors, swept in to arrest him. The operation was replete with two police helicopters and was conducted the same day that an American criminal complaint was unsealed against Dotcom and his colleagues.
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